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A Field Trip To Zoological Garden

On Wednesday, 29th November 2017, all of the Kindergarten classes headed out for a day trip to the zoological garden.

There were total 66 children from Classes Play group, Nursery and K.G accompanying seven teachers.

The trip was in line with their current theme “Theme Earth”. This was the Kindergartener’s first field trip of the year.

Prior field trip they were briefed about their visit so there was an excitement in the air! Finally, they were on their way to see animals that they have been talking about in the class.

During a bus ride to the zoo, teacher talked about the zoo, which animal they would be seeing and taking pictures. This served a variety of purposes, such as helping children to see familiar things in new ways.

Children in groups along with the teachers had a walk in the zoo. They obtained knowledge and discussed about different classes of animals, their behavior, surroundings, habitat, size, shape, what do they eat and how they feel like, wild and tame animals etc.

There was wonder and amazement in their eyes when they saw and heard voices of different animals. Their faces light up and their smiles broadened as they point to each animal in excitement. And they were thrilled to take pictures with their favourite ones. Simultaneously they were exposed to words and concepts related to that animal.

Over all visiting a Zoo offered a multi-sensory approach to learning.

Students were also thrilled to take pictures with their favourite animals.

Reported by: Ms Rashida Hasnain