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A holistic rejuvenation week for going back to school

As children progress through school, the importance of peer friendship becomes more significant and feeling included in ground activities becomes a vital factor in the healthy development of their social and emotional wellbeing.

To help support children overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare themselves to go back to school, Saifiyah Girls School kicked off the New Academic Year with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Before coming back to school after a lengthy break, students participated in different activities to rejuvenate themselves for the commencing year at Al Nadil Al Burhani. Sports like Volleyball, Throw ball and Athletics (taught by professional coaches), along with activities like Wall Painting, Gardening and Language classes had been specifically chosen to stimulate the body and mind and prepare the students for a year of growth and learning.

The honorable Sind CM’s wife accompanied by DM Havrah bs honored the students by their visit. She observed different activities of the students and appreciated the initiatives taken by the school for them. She specially took interest in the art work done on the wall and admired it.