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Annual Sports 2019-20

Saifiyah Gils School held its sports day at Al Nadil Burhani on 22nd November’19. It was a day filled with enthusiasm, displayed through emotions and colors. This year’s theme of sports was based on Communication as it is one of the most powerful weapons of mankind. The day built a strong commitment of girls to track and field. As a prop hula hoops were used this year to symbolize communication. The students connected rings portraying the idea of communication by means of uniting today’s entire digital world together.

Same is reflected by this year’s school logo which is a mirror image of 2C’s combined together to form a complete circle connecting various aspects of communication. Further, the 3 R’s were formed by the students depicting Responsibility, Respect and Readiness towards communication during the fun-filled PE display. The girls presented a marvelous site which was a treat to the eyes of the audience showing their responsibility, respect, and readiness towards communication in sports.

Mr. Syed Gohar Raza Zaidi, the president of Pakistan School Sports Olympic came as a chief guest and praised the achievements of our students. The day started with Tilawat ul Quran Majid and Qasida mubarakah, followed by the March past in which the girls took oat before the audience. Afterward, they marched for the PE display holding colorful hula hoops in their hands. Then they geared up for their races.

The day ended up with Tulips winning over the championship, leading with the highest points. Winners cheered around holding their trophies and medals and celebrating their victories of unforgettable moments.