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Annual Sports Event 2022-23

Saifiyah Girls School celebrated its annual sports day on 20th January 2023 at Al Nadil Burhani, amidst great fervor and camaraderie. A large gathering of parents with their children was present to witness the grand event. The event opened with a glorious and well-synchronized P.T. display. The most fun and fascinating part of the event was the “character parade” of the storyland characters performed by the young learners of the pre-primary section and grades I-III. The costumes, as well as the races, were planned according to the stories. There were various energetic track events and final matches of the team games such as Cricket, Futsal, Throw ball, and Archery, which were played by students from grades IV-X. The students had been practicing these games for the last fifteen days. Special thanks to our parents for cooperating with the school administration and supporting their girls throughout. The award ceremony came after all these events-medals, trophies, and certificates were awarded to the achievers of the various events. The Lavenders won the House Trophy. Roses were declared as the runner-up house. It was a very memorable day for all the teachers, administrators, and students who made the program very special.