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Convocation 2016-17

A commendable convocation ceremony for the graduates of 2015 and 2016 was held on Friday the 9th of December , 2016.Taking light from the Ashara 1438 Aayaat of the Mishkaat the convocation theme was spread your light and carry your candle. Tilawat and Qaseeda were followed by an enchanting song and performance on candles. The respected Principal gave his welcome address to the honourable guests, trustees, parents and students. The event included distribution of certificates to the Sana ula and Juz Amma sanad holders as well as certificates and awards to all graduates and A-one grade holders. Alumni speeches were given by Misbah Abdul Jabbar (2015) and Arwa Saifuddin Mithaiwala (2016). Alifya Aqeel of present class X-B was recognized for receiving a High Achievement Award in Math. Selected teachers were also recognized for their hard work by certificates. The graduates all adorned in white with bottle green and gold graduation gowns beamed with pride and fondness for their school. The event ended with afternoon tea and snacks.