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Express Your Appreciation Day 2016-17

Much to the delight of students and teachers the Saifiyah Girls School celebrated a “Express Your Appreciation Day“ on Friday the 6th of January, 2017. Held on the spacious school ground on a pleasant morning the students assembled with their classmates preparing greeting cards and handmade crafts for their teachers. The event was organized by the art teachers, Ms. Sakina Amir Ali and Ms. Ume Aiman Sajjad, along with Ms. Sakina Hozefa TD from the Secondary Section. The students expressed their respect and love through art work comprising of colouful cards, pop up cards, 3D cards, foam cards as well as handmade bookmarks, bracelets, pencil holders and flowers. Most endearing were the words the students used to express their appreciation. The teachers also got a chance to thank and appreciate through handmade cards, the Respected Principal as well as their respective coordinators who work hard to assist and guide the teachers in their endeavour to serve the school. The event brought smiles to all proving the fact that gratitude goes a long way.