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Field Trip to Hawke’s Bay Beach

Classes: II, III, V and VI

Day & Date: Wednesday 18th Jan 2018

Field trips are fun! You get to put down the books and pencils and drive to a new location with interesting things to see and experience.

As a part of a social studies topics different classes went to Hawke’s Bay. It provided learning opportunities to these grades accordingly. The things children have only read about or watch videos come alive as they are seen, heard, or even felt during the field trip. To get the fullest educational benefit from this field trip, students being given instructions and guidelines, before, during and after the field trip.

Class II

Topic: Seaside.

What people like to do when they visit the seaside? What things they can take with them? What are natural and man-made things they see at the seaside?

They noted down on a piece of paper and later prepared a booklet about it.

Class III and class VI

Topic: Rocks

Students of class III observed and collected different types or rocks. They also learnt the use of different types of rocks. In post field trip activity they prepared a report about a field trip.

Students of grade VI, apart from observing and collecting different types of rocks, matched the rocks with the pictorial worksheet given to them.

Class V

Topic: Weathering and Erosion

Students observed how weathering and erosion takes place and what are the effects of weathering and erosion on the huts and rocks at the seaside.

Reported by: Ms Fatema AunAli