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Hifzul Quran nil Majeed – Historic height of achievement

الشكر لله تع ولوليه ص ع ولداعيه ط ع

Today Saifiyah Girls School – Karachi has reached another historic height of achievement.

We are very humbly happy to congratulate our first student “Mubaraka Abbas” (age 13 years) for successfully accomplishing the requirement of obtaining Hifzul Quran Sanad. She passed Shz. Saheb’s DM hifzul Quran test today (i.e. 1st Jamadil Awwal 1439H, Wednesday 17th January, 2018) thereby fulfilling our ultimate wish of gaining Aqa Maula TUS’s khushi in HIFZUL QURAN.

Mubarak Mohanna to her Mohaffiz M Ammar bhai Shamoon also for attaining this remarkable feat.

Looking forward for parents’ cooperation in this regard.