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Interior Sindh Edutainment Trip

The team of SGS, comprising of teachers and enthusiast students left for their Sindh educational tour on Saturday morning. Their first stop was at Bhambore museum, where they saw old ruins and the famous archeological site which dates back to the 2nd century BC. Students learned and practically experienced the uniqueness of this destination and saw the amazing museum, ruins of the fort, first Mosque of Asia and the ruins of Shanker Mander where the Hindu population prayed at that time. They thought of the wonders how Mohammad Bin Qasim would have first attacked the Hindu Raja and claimed this place to be the first Muslim place in Sub continent.


From there, the team headed towards Makli where they studied historical graves, portraying amazing architecture, of past ruling dynasties. The graveyard has outstanding monuments designed beautifully which appeals to the visitor’s eye. Kids gained plethora of information and felt proud of their cultural heritage.


At their next stop in Thatta the team visited the Shah Jahan masjid and explored its elaborative display of geometrical brick work build by the Mughal king. This masjid has the most impressive work of blue glazed tiles build by the team of Shah Jahan as a gift for the people of Thatta for their hospitality. Kids enjoyed the delicious desi food from the Dhaba cooked fresh for them while they relaxed for some time adoring the ambiance. Students loved the practical experience of studying history with their own eyes. Having lunch, the team left for *Hyderabad*.At Hyderabad they were warmly welcomed by the Hyderabad Jamaat. The team rested overnight in Hyderabad.


The second day started with healthy breakfast from where the team visited the Sindh Museum. Afterwards the trip continued towards the Shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. Students saw how male singers at the shrine sung falsetto, the Sufi poetry.


Next stop was at the pottery making factory at Hala where they made and designed their own souvenirs on potter’s wheel with wet mud. Having lunch at Hala the team returned back to Karachi. On their return kids’ minds and hearts were full of wonderful memories which they would cherish forever