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Iqtebasaat Quiz & Science Fancy Dress

Keeping in mind that the essence of all knowledge is the sorrow of Imam Husain A.S., the academic year 2016-17 at Saifiyah Girls School took a full swing with a combined program of Iqtebasaat Quiz and Science Fancy Dress. A lively duo of class XA students welcomed the audience and gave an introduction to the program which started with Tilawat and Qaseeda mubaraka recitation. The Diniyaat Staff had prepared a very competitive and gripping quiz using the Ashara Mubaraka Waaz videos as well as pictures. The participants were students of class VI, VII, and VIII who kept the suspense going as to who will be the final winner.

In between the 5 Quiz rounds the students of class IX & X dressed various scientific inventions, Human body parts, and even planets of the solar system, entertained the audience with their enthralling costumes and speeches. Whether it was the DNA from the nucleus or Mars from outer space, they engaged and delighted the students, teachers and parents alike.

The fabulously decorated backdrop and stage reflecting Al Jame ul Anwar entrance, had been prepared by the dedicated teachers.

The program ended with the prize distribution ceremony by the respected Principal.