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Junior Sports Event 2017-18

The Sports Day is one of the most awaited event in the academic calendar of the school. This year, Junior Section sports (Classes P.G till II), was held on the 8th of December 2017, Friday, at the SGS playground.

The ground was beautifully set up and it was arranged as such that it portrayed the theme “Rumble and Bumble in the Animal Kingdom”.

After the tilawat and welcome speech by Primary Coordinator Ms Fatema AunAli, the event started off with an action, movement, exercise and musical drill, a beautiful P.E Display by 72 students of classes K.G, I and II. Children were looking stunning and were dressed in different coloured, beautiful costumes and props, representing various animals of the jungle.

The little champions performed exercises and a wonderful P.E display, showing their love for nature. They exhibited great discipline and coordination at such an early age. It was a treat to the eyes of everyone present. The team spirit of our little ones was commendable. They were enjoying and showcasing their talent with great zeal and zest.

The game segment was held next. All games were designed in such a way that every student was able to participate. There were variety of games and races based on the theme. For instance, in Banana Race Monkeys had to finish a banana and then throw the peel in the dustbin. Similarly, in another race bees had to rush towards the flowers and collect the nectar.

Energy and enthusiasm filled the air of SGS. The children enjoyed immensely and were happy to see their parents watching and cheering them.

Students competed class-wise in many different events including fun games and track races. After every few games the winners were announced and the whole class was awarded for participating in the event.

Hats off to the class teachers of Pre primary, class I, II and the Sports teacher who worked tirelessly and executed the event successfully.

Reported by: Ms Fatema Aun Ali