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Karachi Inter School Athlete Championship

Date: 27th October 2018

The Karachi Inter School Athlete Championship was held on Saturday, 27 October’18. The resilience and vigour shown by our girls in this event is a part of SGS’s vision that girls should excel at physical sports along with academics. SGS was one of the 32 schools from all over Karachi that participated. In spite of the scorching heat in the ground SGS defended its crown by performing very well and winning medals in races.

The event started with Tilawat ul Quran which was recited by our student Insiyah Shabbir of class VI. Our students participated and won in the following races;


Under 12

  • 100m race
  • 400m relay race

2 Students from class IV won in the 100m race; Umme Hani Shabbir gained 1st position and Insiyah Shabbir came 3rd.


Under 15

  • short put
  • long jump
  • 200m race
  • 400m relay race
  • 800m race

Maria Huzeifa of class IX A won 2nd position in 100m race and Zainab Zainulabeddin of class IX A came 2nd in the 400 m race.

Gold medal in 400m relay race was won by Umme Hani HuzeifaMaria Huzeifa of Class IX A and Hussaina ShabbirSakina Mustafa of Class VIII A.


Under 18

  • 100m race

Johrat us Sharaf of Class IX A came 1st and Hussaina Mustafa of Class VIII A came 3rd

Our students showed an excellent performance in the ground which is evident from the long list of winners. All the winners were presented with medals and certificates at the award ceremony.


SGS congratulates all its winners on this remarkable achievement.

Reported by Ms Tasneem Barwaniwala