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Little Entrepreneurs, Big Dreams

Shone brilliantly on a sunny October 7th, 2023, as Grade VIII students transformed their school grounds into a dynamic “Market Place” that left everyone thrilled and inspired.

In a curriculum divided into five thematic pillars, “Theme Life” marked the enthusiastic start of the academic year. These budding entrepreneurs, as part of their social studies coursework, embarked on a journey to acquire vital entrepreneurial skills under the course titled *”How to get an Idea?”* As a grand finale to this module, they brought their *learning to life* by creating a bustling marketplace. This event was not just a showcase of their talents but a testament to their newfound abilities in entrepreneurship, instilled as part of their holistic education. From concept to creation, these young minds demonstrated their innovative spirit, showcasing an array of unique handmade items and culinary delights that captivated all who attended.

What truly set this event apart was their innovative approach to attracting customers. Interactive games not only entertained but also reinforced classroom-learned math concepts. These young entrepreneurs proved they weren’t just selling products; they were offering an educational experience.
The marketplace was a testament to the students’ budding business acumen, reflecting the values inspired by Awaliya Kiram AS specially our beloved Aqa Maula TUS. In fact, it was a holistic learning experience that encouraged problem-solving, critical thinking, effective communication, budgeting, marketing, teamwork, and independence.

This hands-on learning adventure promises to have a lasting impact on these students’ lives, moulding them into well-rounded individuals. “Little Entrepreneurs, Big Dreams” was not just an event; it was a transformational milestone, setting a thrilling precedent for the rest of the academic year.