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Math Fair 2018

Dated:23rd November, 2018

Venue: SGS Ground & Hall

Thinking out of the box in our educational system has just been a cliche, but without a doubt, Maths fair held at Saifiyah Girls Schools on Friday, 23rd November’18 was a hit. The event aroused the interest in the students, they got the opportunity to demonstrate their intellectual, analytical and problem solving skills in front of the huge audience who gave an overwhelming response.

Students from grades III to VIII were allotted different Mathematical spheres to display their skills through posters, activities and games. All the spheres were integrated with both Deen and Duniya.

  • Grade III–Place Value & Addition and Subtraction
  • Grade IV–Capacity and Weight
  • Grade V — Area and Perimeter
  • Grade VI — Graphs
  • Grade VII — Fractions
  • Grade VII — Profit and Loss

Student were assigned roles in their stalls depending on their mathematical abilities which fostered their love for the subject. Each stall had its unique and interesting setups showing practical applications of Mathematical concepts and its use in daily life. Jill Chill Mart, fraction Pizza, measuring fresh Laban, choosing favorite food and plotting the pictograph, selling fresh and yummy food in the stalls to earn profit, stitching clothes after taking measurements, designing dream house using area and perimeter and much much more were the highlights of the day.

True dedication and immense hard work of the teachers along with the students was reflected which resulted in a fruitful outcome. We thank all our honored guest who came and encouraged our students, giving wonderful comments and making the event successful for SGS.


Reported by Ms Muneera Ali Asgher