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Morning meetings

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an enormous effect on our students’ social skills and development. To combat these effects, the Morning Meeting initiative has been introduced since the beginning of this academic session. Every Wednesday, 30 mins before classes begin, the Morning Meets session is conducted. Every session has a different agenda, focused on honing and bringing out student’s interpersonal skills and fostering self-confidence. Morning Meetings have four key elements which are Greeting, Sharing, Activities, and Messages (advices)

In the beginning of the session, students cheerfully greet each other. All students are given a chance to share their thoughts, facts, or anything they like. Then, a playful activity is conducted which encourages collaboration and reinforces social and/or academic skills. Finally, a message is imparted which inculcate values and enhances a growth mindset. These activities are a wonderful platform for the children to build a classroom community, feel a sense of belonging with their classmates, and merge social and academic skills for an important skill set for their future lives.