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Orientation And Majlis 2022 – 2023

Our vision at Saifiyah Girls School is to devise a learning environment which is an amalgamation of both deen and dunya for a holistic development of our students. Embodying this philosophy, the new academic year of 2021-2022 commenced with the zikr of Imam Hussain AS, which is the essence of all knowledge. Students and teachers gathered to recite a majlis to gain barakaat and blessings and for the upcoming year. An objective of this majlis was to also discuss the ohbat of Asharah Mubarakah, and what preparation each student must complete in their personal and social lives in the light of this farmaan, prior to, and during Asharah Mubarakah.

Afterwards, students visited their new classrooms and looked forward to a year filled with lots of learning, growing, developing and success. Pre-Primary Orientation On the 26th of August 2021, an orientation program was organized for the parents of students studying in Classes I – III, welcoming our little sunflowers. The session started with the introduction of the Principal and teachers and an explanation of this year’s theme. It was followed by an ice-breaker activity with the parents. How well do you know your child?

The goal was to act as a catalyst for family communication and bonding. An overview of the various subjects and the activities planned for the upcoming year was provided. Emphasis was made on the READING GOALS for this year and STRATEGIES/EVENTS to support reading skills. Co-curricular activities were also discussed, illustrating the curriculum which is self-directed with hands-on learning activities that not only give our students a medium to fully utilize their creative talents and energies, but also help them in their all-round development.