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Reading progress event /read to lead

Did you know? Children who read for only 20 minutes a day for a year, perform 90% better in their tests than those who read for only 5 minutes a day or don’t read at all. All successful personalities in the world have been reading for a minimum of 30 minutes their entire lives! The benefits of reading are endless. From gaining knowledge and information, and expanding your vocabulary, to improving your memory, concentration and writing skills, reading is a window to great achievements, both academically and personally.

At Saifiyah Girls School, from the beginning of the COVID19, Microsoft Teams is used for online and interactive classes. It has numerous tools that help monitor students’ engagement and overall progress.

Reading Progress Programme is one such tool, which has been recently added by Microsoft in TEAMS, that using artificial intelligence AI, along with the assistance of the teacher, provides every student with a platform to hone her/his reading skills. Our teachers, embracing the new e-learning aids and preparing the students for the future, framed a forty days plan for grade I – VIII students during October & November. A reading passage, as per the grade/student lexical level, is being posted daily since 7th October 2021 in each class TEAM. Every student has to read aloud and record her reading. She can attempt the assignment as many times as she wants. Once submitted, AI technology helps the teacher in evaluating the overall performance of the student. The image below gives an idea of how well that is done.