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Saifiyah Girls School Annual program 2016-17

Saifiyah Girls School held its magnificent annual program of Janah-ul-Taranum and Helen O Grady on the 25th of March, 2017. The programme was held in the evening at the Tayebi Jamaat Khana. It was presided by Karachi Amil Saheb, Janab Juzer bhai Saheb. Al Hadul Anjabul Asad Janab Naeem bs, Janab Sh. Kumail bhai and DM Havrah bs graced the occasion as well. The program was also attended by the respected distinguished guests, school trustees, students, parents, and staff members.

The programme started with the Tilawat of Quran-e-majeed, followed by the awe inspiring recitation of Janah-ul-Taranum by students of class III, Class IX and Class X. This was followed by the fascinating Helen o Grady performances by Classes V to VIII. Students of each class, section vise, displayed their confidence and creative imagination by transforming themselves on stage into various animate and inanimate characters. Cookies, plants, flowers, seamstresses, navy patrolmen, and even a flying dragon and bustling cities were brilliantly acted out by the performing students. The programme was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience who were amazed at the perfection of the acting, dialogue delivery, costumes, and props. The programme ended with a thank you speech by the respected Principal in which he expressed his gratitude to all those who had contributed to make this event a success.