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Schoolathon 2020

Schoolathon – It was the 1st time ever, this astonishing sports event was organized by Shababul Eiduz Zahabi and Al Nadil Burhani Karachi.


In which all 7 community schools of Karachi; Saifiyah Girls School , Badri High School, Al-Madrasa-Tus-Saifiyah-tul-Burhaniyah (Shabbirabad), Hussamiya School, Saifiyah Boys High School, Al-Madrasa-Tus-Saifiyah-tul-Burhaniyah (Hyderi) and Hakimi School participated. Their determined efforts and enthusiasm in the fieldof sports were portrayed on 10th /11th /12th January at the Al Nadil Burhani Sports Academy. The ground was ready to welcome the athletes who were filed with lots of spirit and ambitions to win the trophy. Girls from SGS were enthusiastic to challenge the tough, experienced and resourceful opponents.


SGS Girls competed full-heartedly in all the events with the target to win them. They performed marvelously in Throw Ball, Volley Ball, Table Tennis, Archery and several Athletic activities. They gave their best shot and were not afraid to lose.

Along with their high spirits and enthusiasm, girls showed discipline on the ground and accepted the jury decision. Their teamwork paid off and like a knight in shining armor supported their team at all times. Their unity and support for each other on the ground raised SGS name with pride.


The competent team along with their sports teacher, Ms Nazia’s tireless efforts, sportsmanship and amazing attitude sow the seeds for success. Finally, SGS won;


Gold Medals in,

1. 400 m senior

2. 400 m relay senior

3. Table Tennis

4. Archery Juniors


Silver Medals in,

1. 400 m senior

2. 400 m relay juniors

3. Archery seniors

4. Throw Ball


Bronze Medals in,

1. 100 m senior

2. 400 m juniors