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Session on healthy lifestyle / fit and fun! / walk your worries away

“Health is a state of complete PHYSICAL, MENTAL and SOCIAL wellbeing; and not merely the absence of disease”.

Fitness- is a lifestyle, a way of thinking and being. Being physically fit, especially for children, helps to boost brain function and memory, along with instilling confidence and reducing the risk of health problems. In the light of the farmaan of Aqa Moula Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, Ms. Maryam Mubashir Burhanpurwala (Doctor of Physiotherapy with a Masters in neuromuscular rehabilitation) was invited to deliver a presentation on ‘Healthy Lifestyle’. In an interactive and informative manner, students were enlightened on the benefits of ‘Breakfast’, and motivated to include exercise in their busy daily routine along with other daily tasks like eating and sleeping for ‘ A Healthy Body = A Healthy Mind’.

Al Dai Al Ajal Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS in a bayaan mubarak states that:

healthy diet, Physical Fitness ، انسس stress reduction –اْ تينسس ححيزو memory نسس مضبوط كرسس ؛، اهني قوة نسس ودهاوسس ؛، كيم كه اْ تينسس ححيز انسان نا دماغ نسس healthy راكهسس ؛، انسس دماغ نسس healthy راكهوا واسطسس physical fitness انسس exercise ني ضرورة ؛، active رهواني ضرورة ؛، كيم كه activeness نشاط انسان نا جسم نسس healthy راكهسس ؛، انسس جو انسان نو جسم healthyهسسس تو اهنو دماغ بهي healthy رهسسس، انسس اهني يادداشت بهي بظظتر رهسسس، انسان ني عمر بهي تهائي مككر active هسسس تو اهني يادداشت مضبوط هسسس، “

This refreshing talk was concluded with an exercise session for grades VIII to X along with their mothers.