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SGS is now a Plastic Free Zone

Today, in Friday’s assembly, our young bright minds of Pre-Primary section raised awareness about the hazardous effects of plastic on our environment through enactment.

An interactive presentation, highlighting the harmful effects and suggesting the ways to reduce the use of PLASTIC implored us to take immediate action.

Thus we the students and staff of Saifiyah Girls, have pledged to make our school a “no plastic zone”. It means that from Monday, 28/10/19, plastic shopping bags and pet bottles will not be allowed inside school premises.

We request our esteemed parents to help us in this noble cause so that we all could make this country and the world a better place to live in.

It would be fantastic,
If we stopped using plastic,
And eased the world’s pain,
With a healthy food chain.
Turtles would no longer gag,
In a supermarket’s bag.
Sea birds could have a meal,
Of food that was real.
Fewer chemicals in the sea,
It would be healthier for you and me.

Plastic bags are readily available in the market and are used widely. Available in various sizes these are quite economical and also easy to carry. However, the cost we are paying for using these bags is overlooked. These bags are costing us our beautiful environment. The plastic bags that we use in our everyday life are hazardous to the environment.

Thus, from now onwards, let us pledge to make SGS a plastic-free zone.