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SGS Milad un Nabi SA celebration 2023-24

On September 26th, 2023, Saifiyah Girls School radiated with joy as they celebrated Milad un-Nabi SAW. The spirited event, organized by the school’s dedicated faculty, was a resounding success.
In a heartwarming gesture, the school got the sharaf of Kalamra khidmat in four Mohallahs: *Saleh Mohallah, Saify Mohallah, Adam Mohallah, and Essa Mohallah.* Teachers and students, brimming with enthusiasm, in the morning, went to Mohallahs Faiz-ul-Mawaid-e-Burhaniyah kitchens to prepare the kalamra for delivery. The keychains with the message “ek dana bhi zaay na thaay” were shared also as a token of remembrance.
The festivities continued with a lively Kalamra competition on the school grounds, graced by the presence of respected Azwaj-ul-Ummal Kiram and FMB (Central Committee) members. Judges, including Azwaj Ummal Kiram and esteemed teachers from MSB (Hyderi and Shabbirabad), witnessed a spirited contest. In the end, Adam Mohallah emerged victorious, claiming the coveted shield. This day will forever hold a special place in the heart of Saifiyah Girls School, a day of celebration, unity, and cherished memories.