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SGS Pre-Primary SPORTS DAY 2019-2020

The Pre-Primary Sports Day was held on 7 of December 2019. It was based on theme Seasons and it was a resounding success.

The day unfolded with a gentle breeze, and an enthusiastic buzz in the air. The program commenced with Tilawat-e-Quran Majeed, Qaseeda, Wazefatushukar and National Anthem. The main feature of the annual sports day was our colourful synchronized P.T display presented by 49 students of Nur and K.G based on theme Spring. The students matched it with a beautiful “Flower Drill” reminding of spring season. They looked graceful wearing with T-shirts and Trousers swinging their beautiful flowers, showing flexibility in their muscles movement.

What a sports day without races?

So our children competed in various variants of individual races which test their grit and determination. On the other hand, they actively took part in team races which exhibited their team spirit and coordination.

In keeping our partnership with parents they enthusiastically took part in a race arrange for them “Follow The Instruction” which look the little one by surprise! A healthy competition which was cheered by one and all.

The day concluded with the prize distribution ceremony Badminton toy as a gift were presented to all the students.

To add perk to their day, the school arrange for “Animal Extravaganza” which bustle with exotic animals such as Flamingo, Turkey, Polish Hen, Peacock, Fighter fishes, Rabbit, Macaw.

Everybody went home as a winner having imbibed the spirit of leadership, sharing team spirit which is all synonymous to sports. It was day well spent with happy and vibrant smiles all around.