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Teacher’s Day celebration

A day in the life of our teachers:

The blessed Friday started with prayers and an invigorating, speech by esteemed Murtaza Bhai Jafferjee.  He discussed with the students about ways to achieve success by giving his own life’s example.

After this, the students of grade 10 geared up to put their feet in their teachers’ shoes. They had been prepping up for this moment from the past three days. The students had prepared lesson plans, planned various activities and researched the topics they were supposed to teach.

Each pair of students was teaching various grade levels and subjects ranging from languages to Mathematics to Science and Diniyaat.

The school atmosphere was alive with the excitement of these young girls stepping into a classroom as teachers for the very first time.

Our students made us proud by confidently teaching the younger students. Even if they faltered, they were quick to jump back on and continue with their lesson plan.

After taking their classes, every student’s feedback was that it is not easy at all to be a teacher. We, all teachers applaud their efforts.