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Tournament of book

Day and Date: 19th January, 2018


Today’s program was to motivate students to read and to inculcate reading strategies.. Every event was planned according to the class level participating in it.

Event # 01

Unique feast

In the ambiance of a restaurant students were served various genre of literature.

Event #03

Young World

Importance of reading newspapers and magazines was highlighted.

Event #02

Journey of Muslim scientists

Children were introduced to a new series of books from Oxford publications, about the invaluable contributions and inventions of Muslim scientists. Students demonstrated scanning and skimming skills of reading.


Event #04

Battle of books – main attraction of the program

Reading is food for the soul. Indeed! This event actually started 3 months ago when children were formed into teams and given 4 books to read. They then chose one book on which they had to prepare costumes of the book characters, a poster and a presentation regarding their book.Today they were judged on these preparations and where quizzed from all the 4 books.

Winners were awarded 3 months free subscription of Young World magazine.