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Amatualluh Fakhruddin - SGS Alumni 2015

Batool Baqir Husain - SGS Alumni 2017

I, Batool Baqir, completed my matriculation in 2017 from Saifiyah Girls School scoring 84%. Currently, I am studying ACCA (Association of chartered certified accountants) in which I got the distinction (High Achiever award) twice all over Pakistan, one in Management accounting and the other in financial accounting.

The most significant role which played to bring me here today was the concept clearing pedagogy of my teachers. The idea not to rote learn things and instead to understand the underlying concepts proved to be the backbone to my success.

While I stepped out of school, I realized all along, how the hard work of my teachers spoke loudly. My teachers and my principal always wanted the best for us, and somehow that’s how we did the best.

What I believe is always keep your aims high, study not just to pass but to achieve your score target. To end with a quote: “Always aim for sun, if you do not reach there, at least you’ll end up on a star”.

Arwa Saifuddin - SGS Alumni 2016

I Arwa Saifuddin Mithai Wala was a student at saifiyah girls’ school in batch 2016. I feel extremely privileged to be a part of this institution which has provided me my values, etiquettes, and has inculcated good habits in me. Due to which I was able to achieve the first position in second-year examinations from AKUEB in humanities. This institution taught me how to keep a balance deeni and worldly life, how to follow the paths shown by our mentors and stick to our values. Because of all these learnings, I was able to achieve this success. My foundations are led by this institution on which I have nurtured today.

Saifiyah girls school not just provided me a platform for learning but it also enabled me to involve in various extracurricular activities that were extremely beneficial for my physical & mental development.

Habiba Husain Bookbinder - SGS Alumni 2016

Achievements we get in our life is all about setting up goals and your passion for that goal. once my principal said that ” Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders ” and from that day my steps towards success get high. I entered as a pebble in SGS but, efforts of my mentors and unconditional support of my patents carved me into diamond, as I’m shining today because of them.

After passing out from SGS I got admission in Habib Girls Higher Secondary. I got many opportunities to show up myself, I become a stand-up comedian as a representator of Habib institute. After all the hard work and efforts what I achieved is S.O.T.Y “Student Of The Year” award which was the greatest achievement and was not possible without a strong base of learning skills which were given by my school SGS.

Always remember that “Every moment is a lesson for you, but without implementation, you are nowhere near to success”

Amatualluh Fakhruddin - SGS Alumni 2015

I Amatullah Fakhruddin Porbanderwala, SGS Alumna 2015. feels emensly proud to attain hafiz ul Qur’an Sanad in this era where everyone is trying the best in his/her field . Today I am honoured to give credit to my school also for my this achievement. If one’s base isn’t built strong than no one can focus on the target. Saifiyah Girls School provided me the platform from where I made a goal to achieve something and that enthusiasm was built in me by my mentor.. Today I can proudly say that I am SGSIAN hafizul Qur’an. Thanks to all for making my way so easy and clear so that I could focus on it.

Rashida Shabbir - SGS Alumni 2013

“Hello, I am Rashida Shabbir Hussain. I am a final year student of B.Sc. in Social Development and Policy at Habib University. I plan to become a documentary filmmaker to highlight social issues, especially women’s issues. I graduated from Saifiyah Girls’ School in 2013. I consider myself privileged to get the education from a school where education was not about rote learning and memorization but understanding the texts conceptually. This really helped me in getting admission in my dream university and doing well academically.

For me, the most memorable and important part of school is my inspiring teachers who always pushed me to do better and believed in me. I feel so blessed when I come across my school teachers and they remember me and inquire about my progress. I would not be where I am today, without the guidance and love of my teachers.

Ramsha Abdul Karim SGS Alumni 2013

I am currently a student of BSc (honors) in Social Development and Policy at Habib University. I aspire to become an educator and contribute towards improving the education system of Pakistan. My education at Saifiyah Girls’ School has taught me values such as hard work and respect. It allowed me to grow and learn through understanding and implementing my learnings. The guidance and inspirations that I received from my teachers and mentors at the school have enabled me to become compassionate and pursue my dreams. The school effectively prepared me for furthers endeavors of my life, both in terms of academics and co-curricular activities. The co-curricular activities, such as dramas and plays, elocution contests, and sports events cultivated confidence and strength which has been helpful throughout my career. I feel grateful and blessed to be associated with such a value-oriented institution.