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Orientation 2019-20 & Majlis

The orientation program started with a powerful message of ‘Gratitude”.
Upon entrance, each child expressed her gratitude towards her mother by presenting her with a token of appreciation to show the importance of the mother’s emotional presence and her support in her education and upbringing.Then the program commenced with1) Explaination of this year’s theme – ELOQUENCE,  taken from the verse

وإنما الإنسان باللسان * وشرف اللسان بالبيان
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which would be the focal point of all our activities and programs during this academic year.

2) School norms to be followed religiously this year were introduced:

The three R’s To Be
* Respectful
* Responsible
* Ready

3) The importance of a parent’s involvement in a child’s life for success was emphasized.

The last part of the orientation was in keeping with accordance to this year’s theme, each parent was requested to express their wishes for their child’s future by writing them on a piece of paper and putting it inside the wishing well.